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Is Redesigning Your Mobile App A Bad Idea?

Aug 06, 2020

In an ever-changing digital-world of the mobile app, the innovative UI market is emerging as quickly as a flash. It's high time for enterprises to introduce new fascinating features into their old rusty apps and get rid of out-of-date looks.

However, If you are not constantly noticing the user's experience, your efforts can backlash you. To go the extra mile, you must keep track of the users' feedback.

If your mobile app is already established, any shifts should emerge strategically. If your users are leaving your app right after sign up, or they are complaining about various issues then redesign is crucial. Cross-examine every step before executing even minor modifications.

Mistakes to Avoid When Redesigning Your App:

Scrabble is one of the most profitable classic games. It was decided to turn it into a mobile app in early 2020. After that app was sold and redesigned into confusing and ugly features. UI and UX of the game were altered. Many users are now reporting the app crashes. So what's the lesson in this story?

1- Don’t lose Old Customers: If you are a starter don't mess with classic interface. If you alter the old trendy design into new, your old loyal users will feel alienated and might stop using the app altogether. If you see no problem in the mobile app, don't try to fix things. No need to redesign or add new features when users are satisfied with the simple interface and functionality of the app.

2- Pay Attention to User’s Reviews: Question is who will be using this app? If users make complaints and ask you to redesign, listen to them.

3- Never Mislead Your Customers: It is a popular issue of Instacart when users objected strongly against the change. Users went to the Instacart mobile app to do online grocery shopping from their favorite store. At the final step of shopping, users had a chance to review their cart before checkout. The first thing that was annoying for users, the delivery tip was not added with the rest of the items. The second wrong thing, the delivery tip was fixed to 5%. Tips should not be deceptively designed or hidden. There must be a custom option for users who want to add more or fewer tips as they wish.

4- Redesign To Bring New Users: If you're redesigning your mobile app to fetch more users, remember not to lose current loyal users who have been with you from the very start. Take a safe route, test the transitions, see feedbacks, and be sure to keep your valued users happy.

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