How to Take Screenshot on Mac

Jun 30, 2020

You may need to take a screenshot on Mac to save or share them. If you're using PC, you can utilize keyboard Print key to get a screenshot in a fraction of second. Though, Apple doesn't have such a key. Don't worry, here you would get to know different and easy ways to capture screen.

First, look at your keyboard keys to use a combination of keys for capturing your screen. The correct method of using keystrokes is to use the first key, then second and so forth, and lastly release all keys at once. Here are some keys to remember to take a screenshot on Mac.


Pressing the combination of these keys in a sequence saves your entire screen without giving you an option to select an area. The file is automatically saved on desktop.


Gives you an option to select a rectangular area of the screen to capture, make your selection, and it is saved.


By adding control key in the start of any of above-mentioned commands saves image temporarily in the clipboard, later you can paste image permanently where you want. When pressing the keys to take a screenshot on Mac, the system doesn't ask you to verify, instead, it only plays a short sound.


These keys give you limited options for capturing screen the way you want. On the other hand, Grab Utility gives you better use including mouse over text or drop-down Manu. Here is how you can use Grab.

Go to your utilities and expand it, here you'll find Grab. Double click on the app to open it. While using this app you will not see it on the screen. When you need to use this app take it on the forefront. See under the capture menu options of Window, Screen, and Timed Screen. Screen captures the full screen similar to Command + shift + 3. Window and Timed Screen gives you multiple other options as per your needs.

We have learned multiple options of taking a screenshot on Mac. All of them are built-in features. We hope this help.

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