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What's The Purpose Of Your App?

May 04, 2020

Mobile App Development with no clear scalability plan may not add enough value to your e-business. A stable scalable app with well-thought-out UX & UI, on the other hand, has a potential to bring huge revenue. Likewise, a quality app gives you two-way immersive experience.

How Do Mobile Apps Benefit Businesses?

  • Users can easily access in-app content
  • Your apps turn out to be your 24/7 earning salesman
  • An App acts as a communication platform with communicate with vendors, employees, and customers
  • Apps are easy to design with swipe gestures like hold, drag, tap, double-tap, pinch, and so on 

Statics About Mobile App Benefits for Business?

Mobile app development is greatly benefiting not only the medium-sized businesses but also the large-scale businesses. You will be surprised to know that in 2020, mobile app revenue amounts to 2,561 million US dollars. Likewise, Revenue is projected to hit the growth rate of 5.0% by 2024. One more interesting fact to know is, Mobile app revenue in the UK hits the height of 638 million US dollars.  

Currently, the user percentage is 11.8% that is expected to reach 12.2% by 2014. Besides, with over 2.7 billion mobile phone users worldwide we already understand the importance of mobile apps.

Advantages Of Mobile Apps Over Responsive Websites:

Let's see how a well-designed app with great built-in features can benefit you.

  • Mobile app development Adds value
  • App uses unique device features
  • Helps you design your business model
  • Give you access to the most personalized content
  • Offers convenient interface according to user habits
  • Quick access to the information
  • Defines your brand
  • Identifies the scope of features
  • Encourages branding and designing
  • Promotes user interaction
  • Offline user mode
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Cost reduction for enterprises
  • Productivity improvement
  • Interactive engagement
  • Enhances SEO potential

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