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Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobile App, Compared With Mobile Website

Jul 17, 2020

As per stats, 5 billion of earth population use smartphones and the graph line is constantly going upwards. It’s a pretty huge number. As a business owner, you would have heard what apps strategy to apply and how to win the hearts of your audience. Whether to build a mobile website for an audience or a mobile app? That's a confusing question. You cannot have a straightforward answer. What to choose depends on several factors such as, your resources, quality of a website, as well as the subject of your app. To help you make the decision, we would here discuss both.

Mobile Website

A website is a way to access internet content through a website for mobile users. Unlike a mobile app, a mobile website cannot be perfectly displayed on a PC because it is specifically designed for mobile phones. Mobile users can optimize websites through responsive websites.

Advantages of Mobile Website

Responsive websites have inbuilt HTML pages for smaller screens. Such websites show the display on screens of all sizes. It doesn't only work well for desktops but also for smartphones and tablets. Websites cost less if you want to upgrade. You can edit your content anytime.

Disadvantages of Mobile Website

Unlike a mobile app, a mobile website cannot leverage all features effectively. Phone dialing, GPS, cameras, are not always of high quality in responsive websites.

Portability is the prior reason for users preferring smaller screens. However, smaller screens cannot give access to all data as a desktop. For offline content access, mobile websites have certain limits.

Mobile App

Unlike mobile responsive websites, mobile apps must be downloaded from the Play Store or app market of your device. Mobile offers faster access to content. You don't need a blazing fast internet for downloading apps from the App market.

Advantages of Mobile App

The analysis shows that a mobile app is more convenient than a mobile website. Users are more satisfied with apps than websites because of fast-loading and easy access to content. Unlike mobile websites, apps have special features, push notifications, reminders, which increases customer retention and loyalty. Mobile apps fit different screen sizes of devices than websites.

Disadvantages of Mobile App

When an app is developed to support several different screen sizes and devices it constantly needs support and money. You need to fix compatibility issues for each device separately, which takes time and effort. You have to inform your users of these updates and upgrades. Sometimes when an issue isn't resolved, then you lose a huge audience in a very short time.

Confusion between a mobile app versus a mobile website will remain topical for CEOs. As a mobile user, you can choose simply one according to your preferences. Both have some non-ignorable benefits.

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