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Guide to Mobile App Development for Ecommerce Business

Mar 24, 2020

The number of mobile apps are constantly growing. Businesses are focusing on mobile app development. Besides, Statista reported that Amazon App store has 589,000 number of apps.

Complete Guide to Mobile App development

Step1: Technology Selection:

(i) Content Management System (CMS) - Setting up an online shop like Drupal or OpenCart are not only cost-efficient but time-saving as well. CMS makes it easy to update the website. It allows you to log-in easily and add, delete, edit, and manage the content. Even if you are not a professional you can easily manage it with very little knowledge.

(ii) Software-as-a-service (SAAS) - It doesn't involve technical expertise, designing skills, or any hardware costs. SAAS models for e-commerce mobile app development such as BigCommerce and Shopify allow you to create your online e-store.

(iii) Framework - Building online e-Store with e-commerce frameworks broadens up the ways to personalize designs, features, and functions. The top five highest-rated e-commerce frameworks are Shopify, Zend, Magento, WooCommerce, and Symfony. These frameworks work best for large scale products. Professionals in the field can easily manage the out-of-the-box integrations such as 3D, UI, animations, DIY, AR, VR, and multi-tier-architecture, etc.

Step2: Platform Selection:

When developing an e-commerce mobile app development, first decide which platform to choose, since there are a variety of apps available.

(i) Web Apps - Web apps include user interface and client-side logic. They are commonly related to online retail sales, webmail, online banking, as well as online auctions.

(ii) Progressive Web Apps - They combine the features of mobile and web apps and are responsive, installable, re-engage able, easy to build, deploy and maintain. One major advantage is that they work on any device.

(iii) Mobile Apps - In the year 2020, there are 6.95 billion mobile users worldwide, making the mobile very popular all across the world.

Step3: Admin Data Management:

An e-commerce platform consists of two consoles. To illustrate, one is for admin and another is for customers. It comes with a simple design but full functionalities – like SEO setting management is one of its functions.

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