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How to Choose the Best Website Builder in 2020

May 01, 2020

Looking for the best website builder? Well, before choosing a website development platform, you will have to map out your development goals and type of features you want to keep on your website. Let's say, you want to add features like photo gallery, blog section, contact form, online store, reservation system, and slider etc. 

If you’ve no idea what your future website should look like, check out what your competitors and see what they are up to. 

What Website Builder to Choose?

Before choosing a website builder platform make sure it can meet your business needs.

1. WordPress

Over 35% of all website builders in the internet-world are powered by one of the most favoured platforms known as WordPress.

Pros: WordPress has two versions -, and Moreover, thousands of pre-made themes and drag-and-drop facility help you design the page layout very smoothly.

Cons: Wordpress requires you to keep up with the latest updates, like plug-in updates as well as creating backups.

2. Constant Contact Website Builder

This A.I. powered website builder is best for non-techy individuals and small business owners to build a personalized website.

Pros: Constant Contact proves to be the world's first AI-powered website building platform. Furthermore, it's widely known for its email marketing services.

Cons: No third-party extensions are offered by Constant Contact.

3. Gator by Hostgator

 Gator offers you all-in-one website building and hosting services.

Pros: The fully hosted program make you worry-free from all the updates or backups.

Cons: No free plan available with a Gator. Also, they don't offer any free trials.

4. Website Development Company

If you are still confused about what website builder to choose, you may contact a nearby website development company. You may also search online to look for the available options. We suggest you to go with MessageMuse - One of the leading website development companies in the UK, known for its quality. The company offers you free consultation and helps you plant out your business plans and strategies.

Besides, the company provides you with full-spectrum digital making services such as SEO, SEM, SMM, online branding, and email marketing. Also, providing individuals, small or big businesses with web design and development, mobile app development, logo design, app marketing, app store optimization, and an array of other services. Moreover, helping you choose the best website builder that can meet your business goals.

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